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30-8-09 Se dispara el gasto público en EEUU

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Nuestro corresponsal en Barcelona nos envía este importante y alarmante artículo.


Obama ya supera el déficit de toda la administración BushCada hogar de EEUU tendrá que asumir 30.958 dólares en 2009 en concepto de impuestos y deuda con el Estado. El incremento del gasto público de la Administración Obama ya supera el déficit combinado de todo el periodo del Gobierno de Bush.

El producto interior bruto (PIB) de EEUU se ha contraído en junio por cuarto mes consecutivo por primera vez desde la Gran Depresión de los años 1930. Comparado con un año antes, el PIB real de EEUU ha caído un 3,9%.

Pese a que, según algunos analistas, la crisis inmobiliaria en EEUU podría estar comenzando a tocar fondo, con el ajuste de los precios de la vivienda ya efectuado, la crisis de crédito sigue pasando factura.

Por otro lado, el presidente Barack Obama no ha renunciado a sus programas de gasto público. Tras rescatar a las grandes hipotecarias del país, así como a numerosos bancos y sectores, como el del automóvil, ahora está decidido a implantar a reformar sanidad pública.

Así, el déficit de EEUU sigue aumentando, con los riesgos y costes que ello conlleva. Según un estudio elaborado por la Fundación Heritage, Obama se va a gastar 30.958 dólares por cada hogar del país. Un gasto que costará a cada una de las familias estadounidenses 17.576 dólares en concepto de impuestos (pagos cohercitivos) y 13.392 en concepto de deuda, es decir, obligaciones de pago que mantendrán con la Administración en el futuro.

Obama tiene previsto un incremento del gasto público para este aoñ del 22%, lo que significa la mayor expansión de una administración estadounidense desde la Guerra de Corea en 1952. Esto generará un déficit presupuestario mayor que el generado durante la Administración Bush entre los años 2002 y 2007 combinados. Actualmente, de cada dólar que invierte EEUU, 43 centavos son prestados.

El análisis señala que lo habitual es que el déficit resultante tras la recesión vuelva a los estándares anteriores a la crisis. Un déficit que oscilaría entre los 150.000 millones de dólares y los 350.000 millones de dólares. En cambio, Obama ha previsto un déficit presupuestario de 917.000 millones de dólares, una deuda pública del 77% del PIB, y un total de gasto en intereses anuales de 774.000 millones.

Así, la Casa Blanca ha previsto 10,6 billones de dólares en nuevo déficit entre 2009 y 2019, cerca de 80.000 dólares por hogar en nuevos préstamos y eso que ninguno de estos cálculos incluye el coste de la reforma del sistema sanitario.

Saludos cordiales.



Iraqi shoe thrower to be released!!

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I agree 100% with you Anita.
Please lets be informed about his movements around the world, so everybody can greet him as he deserves.

> HOORAY!!! When he does his world TOUR, let’s be facilitators, ushers,
> ticket takers. This guy needs to be immortalized.
> Iraqi who threw shoes at Bush to be released early (AP)
> August 29th, 2009 AP – An Iraqi journalist imprisoned for hurling his shoes
> at
> former President George W. Bush will be released next month after his
> sentence was reduced for good behavior, his lawyer said Saturday.


29-8-09 Apocalypsys now !!??

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August 29, 2009
Obama Orders Billions Secreted Into Making “Mark Of Beast” Microchip

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers





A seriously chilling “confidential” report prepared by the US-based Russian think tank Institute for Democracy and Cooperation (IDC), and given to President Medvedev’s office this week, on the turmoil surrounding the “health care” debate currently raging in the United States claims that this “engineered controversy” is, in fact, being used as a “cover” to mask the planned microchiping of the entire American population by 2012.
According to this report, America’s propaganda corporate-government media organs have embarked this past summer on a programme of dividing its citizens along its many false fracture lines (racial/right-left/Democrat-Republican, pro gun-anti gun, etc.) over the Obama administrations plan to provide for the American people universal health care coverage.
So enraged have a substantial number of American’s become over what they say is Obama’s plan to “socialize” their country that one of their top lawmakers, Senator Jim Inhofe, has just issued a grave warning to his Nation by stating, “People are not buying these concepts that are completely foreign to America. We’re almost reaching a revolution in this country.”
Even worse, so bitter has the false divide among the American people become that it is even affecting their ruling political class; and where in this past week alone, an Idaho Republican candidate, Rex Rammell, joked about his citizens obtaining “Obama tags” allowing them to hunt their own President, and a Republican Congresswoman, Lynn Jenkins, making the racially charged statement that her party was “struggling right now to find the great white hope” to counter Obama.
Being lost to these American’s, however, is that even before Obama became President, the United States had become one of the most socialized Nations the World has ever seen with over 51% of their Gross National Product (GDP) going towards providing income for their elderly and disabled, subsidized housing for their poor, universal health care for their elderly, veterans, children, subsidized mortgages for just about all of them, subsidized education for all of their students, subsidized food through agricultural subsidies, and too many other socialized programmes to mention.
Even more interesting, as this report points out, is the sheer insanity of these American’s protesting against universal health care for human beings while at the same time they accept as “normal” their government laws ordering them to pay for insurance on their automobiles and homes or risk losing them both.
So what, this report posits, would be the advantage of having these American’s driven to such fervor and angst over such a non-issue? And who, it also asks, is poised to benefit from this artificially created “quasi-revolution” currently fermenting among these witless American people?
The answer to these questions, this report chillingly continues, lies buried deep within the over 1,000 pages of the massive US Health Care Bill (PDF) in a “non-discussed” section titled: Subtitle C-11 Sec. 2521— National Medical Device Registry, and which states its purpose as:
“The Secretary shall establish a national medical device registry (in this subsection referred to as the ‘registry’) to facilitate analysis of postmarket safety and outcomes data on each device that—‘‘(A) is or has been used in or on a patient; and ‘‘(B) is a class III device; or ‘‘(ii) a class II device that is implantable.”
In “real world speak”, according to this report, this new law, when fully implemented, provides the framework for making the United States the first Nation in the World to require each and every one of its citizens to have implanted in them a radio-frequency identification (RFID) microchip for the purpose of controlling who is, or isn’t, allowed medical care in their country.
It goes without saying, of course, that this new “Med-Chip” these American’s will be forced to have put inside them will not only control their access to medical resources, but will also enable their government to know their whereabouts, spending habits, and so much more as to effectively make these people nothing more than “human cattle” to be herded, controlled, and if they object to their new status, led to the slaughterhouse.
And for those American’s believing they will be able to escape from having these Med-Chips implanted in them they better think again, because, as they will soon discover to their horror, under the laws of their country designed to protect them against pandemics, and other such health emergencies, their President, and governments, have unlimited power and can order their citizens to do, or take, anything their officials tell them to.
To how far the Obama administration has already gone in their planning to put these Med-Chips in their citizens, one only need look at the curious interactions between the US government and the only company licensed in the United States (since 2004) to implant microchips in human beings called the VeriChip Corporation.
Now what is widely known about the VeriChip Corporation and their microchip we can read from one report that states:
“VeriChip is the first Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved human-implantable radio-frequency identification (RFID) microchip. It is marketed by VeriChip Corporation, a subsidiary of Applied Digital Solutions, and it received United States FDA approval in 2004. About twice the length of a grain of rice, the device is typically implanted above the triceps area of an individual’s right arm.[1] Once scanned at the proper frequency, the VeriChip responds with a unique 16 digit number which could be then linked with information about the user held on a database for identity verification, medical records access and other uses. The insertion procedure is performed under local anesthetic in a physician’s office. As an implanted device used for identification by a third party.”
What is NOT widely known about this VeriChip Corporation is the “new direction” they have taken since Obama has taken office, and as we can read directly from the website of their new subsidiary, VeriGreen Energy Corporation, and which says:
“In March 2009, the Company formed a new subsidiary, VeriGreen Energy Corporation, to invest in the clean and alternative energy sector. The Company is currently evaluating several opportunities and is looking to invest in companies with existing operations and infrastructure.
Following the recently signed stimulus package, which will invest nearly $79 billion in renewable energy, the Company’s investments in clean and alternative sources of energy will complement its existing healthcare initiatives.”
Now, what this IDC report says about VeriChip Corporation’s “sudden conversion” from being a maker of implantable microchips, to one of becoming a “green energy” giant lies not with them, but rather with Obama’s “Green Jobs Czar”, Van Jones, a man who is not only one of his President’s closest advisors, but is also an unashamed, and unapologetic, leftist radical and communist who is the sole determiner in who does, or doesn’t, receive billions in US taxpayer dollars already approved into law for dispersal for American’s green energy future, including an estimated $3 Billion to VeriGreen Energy Corporation.
And to how radical America’s new Green Jobs Czar is we can read as reported, in part, by the World Net Daily News Service:
“There are open questions as to how Jones obtained a White House security clearance. He spent time in jail several times, including in the wake of the 1992 Rodney King riots in Los Angeles. Jones was the leader and founder of a radical communist and black nationalist group, the communist revolutionary organization Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement, or STORM. The organization had its roots in a grouping of black people organizing to protest the first Gulf War. STORM was formally founded in 1994, becoming one of the most influential and active radical groups in the San Francisco Bay area.
STORM worked with known communist leaders. It led the charge in black protests against various issues, including a local attempt to pass Proposition 21, a ballot initiative that sought to increase the penalties for violent crimes and require more juvenile offenders to be tried as adults. The leftist blog Machete 48 identifies STORM’s influences as "third-worldist Marxism (and an often vulgar Maoism)”
Jones position with the Obama Administration, on the other hand, has been described as his being the “switchboard operator for Obama’s grand vision of the American economy; connecting the phone lines between all the federal agencies invested in a green economy.”
But, to what “green economy” are these unsuspecting American people being led into by Jones and his minions? The “Green of Islam”, which is that religions most important colour? The “Green Man” world of ancient Europe where his likeness can still be seen on countless cathedrals and churches? Or something as mundane as the colour of American money?
To all of these, and other such speculations, it is not in our knowing, other than the warning about these things we have been left with by the ancients and as written in the Christian book of Revelations…
“He also forced everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on his right hand or on his forehead.”

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29-8-09 El pueblo yanqui se despierta ???

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Será que el pueblo yanqui se está despertando ?
¡ Dios lo quiera !
Y que haga sonar el escarmiento sobre la elite plutocrática que lo mantiene esclavo.

A Maryland Town’s Mayor orders Munincipal flag lowered, Gadsden flag raised in it’s place

Date: Saturday, 29-Aug-2009 09:32:53

Hampstead to Fly Protest Flag

In an act of protest, Hampstead Mayor Haven N. Shoemaker has ordered the Town’s municipal flag to be replaced by the historic Gadsen “Don’t Tread On Me” flag. Mayor Shoemaker will raise the flag after a brief ceremony at the War Memorial in Hampstead at 6 p.m., September 1. The timing of the ceremony coincides with anticipated cuts in state funding to local governments including Hampstead.

“We have the so-called stimulus which is nothing more than an unprecedented issuance of debt. We have ObamaCare. In Maryland, we have a complete failure by Governor O’Malley and the Legislature to balance the state budget,” Shoemaker said. “The $3.8 billion in federal money sent to Maryland was wasted on pork barrel projects and social program spending rather than on rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure. Now the State is dumping their failure of fiscal leadership into our laps.”

Mayor Shoemaker directed the flag switch through his first formal executive order. “Normally, I would just call Town Hall and ask our folks to take care of something, but this is a little out of the ordinary.”

When asked what he hoped to accomplish through the symbolic change, Shoemaker was philosophical. “Maybe this won’t amount to anything. Maybe other local governments will decide to join us. In any event, the people in Hampstead will know that there is still one level of government left in America that is of the people, by the people and for the people.”

The Gadsen Flag has become a popular symbol of the recent Tea Party movement. The historic yellow flag features a timber rattlesnake and the phrase “Don’t Tread On Me.” When asked how long he expected to fly the flags, Shoemaker shrugged and responded, “We’ll see.”

29-8-09 Mogambo sin desperdicio !

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Aug 29, 2009


Ben the wise
By The Mogambo Guru


Apparently I am one of the few who appreciates the Theater of the Absurd in the Bloomberg news article that reported "President Barack Obama nominated Ben S Bernanke to a second four-year term starting Jan 31", which clearly means that nobody else in their right mind would take the job as chairman of the loathsome Federal Reserve now that we are on the precipice of a Long Period Of Woe (LPOW), and only a clueless Princeton academic (the worst kind!) like Bernanke has the galling arrogance to think that he, alone in all the world’s long history of people wrestling with this same problem, will come up with some wonderful plan to painlessly eliminate crushing government debts, crushing personal debts, and crushing business debts, and then everything will be fine again! To this, I laugh "Hahaha!" which is the unmistakable Mogambo Laugh Of Contempt And Ridicule (MLOCAR).

You can hear the contempt in my voice when I rhetorically ask, "And on what does he base this sublime stupidity?" The answer

is: The same neo-Keynesian economic trash (nKet) stupidities that got us into this mess: creating excess amounts of money and credit!

Again we hear the MLOCAR, perhaps even more mockingly!

When the repellent Alan Greenspan did this monetary madness when he was chairman of the stinking Federal Reserve from 1987 to 2006, he created enough money to enable huge bubbles in stocks, bubbles in bonds, bubbles in consumer spending, bubbles in houses, bubbles in derivatives, bubbles in the size of government (thanks to the national debt in 1987 being US$2,350 billion growing to $8,100 billion in 2006 when he left), and constant, simmering, exponentially growing inflation in the prices of everything.

And he did all of this – and more! – by creating about $10 billion a month in new Fed credit, which was, of course, multiplied by the banks and all loaned out, down to the last dime, thanks to their being under the control of the despicable Greenspan and his foul Fed, and thus – thus! – had absolutely no – no! – provision for reserves of any – any! – kind against anything – anything! – going wrong with any – any! – of their loans or depositors!

You can tell by the weird – weird! – punctuation in the preceding paragraph that I am really losing my grip on things, and I am glad that you cannot see the way my lips are comically flapping and the drool of stupefaction runs down my chin when one realizes that the banks making riskier and riskier loans of deposits without maintaining reserves against potential losses, somehow bizarrely believing that by reassembling debt, where the interest rate reflects (among other things) risk, they could make risk disappear! Hahaha!

But this is not the reason for the Screaming Mogambo Outrage (SMO), but the sudden, terrifying Question From Hell (QFH) that is hanging, like the aforementioned drool (some of which is now in my lap) on my trembling lips, as I am sure that it is yours, namely, "How much money must the monstrous Federal Reserve create from now on to accommodate at least $7 trillion of governmental deficit-spending over the next decade?"

Actually, I was hoping that you would ask me that because I can tell by the way you are not screaming in fear and outrage that you are ready to know that the news is out that the federal deficit-spending over the next 10 years is $9 trillion, every dime of which the Federal Reserve will have to create out of thin air.

But what you may not realize is that this gigantic figure, which is just the borrowing needs of the federal government, which doesn’t even include the additional hundred or so trillions more – more! – that will have to be created so that people and businesses can get back to borrowing and spending their little hearts out! And all of this new debt in a country where gross domestic product (GDP) is only $14 trillion? Hahahaha!

The funniest line was when Obama said, in his nomination, that everyone is all chummy nowadays in Washington, and he calls the chairman of the Federal Reserve by his first name, as in "Ben approached a financial system on the verge of collapse with calm and wisdom", which may be true in the "calm" part of the compliment, but as for "wisdom"? Hahaha!

If he had any wisdom, you would think he would have said something during all those years he was the head of the economics department at Princeton, and then perhaps we would not be in this mess now! Wisdom? Hahahaha!

And if he truly had any wisdom, he would be buying gold, silver and oil, which are guaranteed to shoot to the moon from all of this insanity, which makes investing so easy that one can only say, "Whee!"

But we’ll never know, because I can never get through when I call the Fed, and either get mysteriously disconnected or put on "indefinite hold", even after I specifically tell the receptionist "I want to know if Ben Bernanke is buying gold, silver and oil, or is he some kind of moron who actually believes that stupid neo-Keynesian crap that comes out of his stupid mouth instead of believing in the economic lessons of the last 4,500 years?"

So while we will never know about Mr Bernanke, who is now the collegial "Ben", you can be sure where I stand and why I will be proven right, which is why you can call me The Mighty Mogambo (TMM).

Richard Daughty is general partner and COO for Smith Consultant Group, serving the financial and medical communities, and the editor of The Mogambo Guru economic newsletter – an avocational exercise to heap disrespect on those who desperately deserve it.

(Republished with permission from The Daily Reckoning. Copyright 2009, The Daily Reckoning.)

Como se burla la derecha de Mel Zelaya

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Mientras la cumbre de UNASUR trata la disputa por las bases en Colombia y el Banco centroamericano suspende créditos a Honduras, la derecha mundial se encarga de burlarse y desprestigiar al presidente electo hondureño Mel Zelaya.

La provocacion es la causa de las guerras del mundo. Hay que encontrar "quien" es el verdadero provocador y "echarselo" de una vez por todas. Como dicen por alli: YANKEE GO HOME!

Cuanto mas va tardar para que los pueblos "dormidos" de america Latina despierten!!

27-8-09 Semana única en emisión de dólares ???

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Será éste el acontecimiento que anunciábamos para la semana con epicentro en el 25 de agosto ???
Evidentemente el dólar no puede aguantar mucho más sin hiper-devaluarse.
Y una hiper-devaluación del dólar generaría un caos mundial de consecuencias imprevisibles.

Spewing out money

By The Mogambo Guru

I had thoughtfully turned off all the audible alarms to the circuits monitoring the nefarious activities of the US Federal Reserve, but you could tell by the way the indicator lights were furiously flashing and the recording pens were scratching maniacally across the seismograph paper that something important was up.

Sure enough, my paranoid suspicions were right! Federal Reserve credit, which is the stuff that the Fed creates out of thin air that becomes Whole Freaking Multiples (WFM) of that amount in actual money when somebody borrows this new "larval money" from a bank, jumped a whopping US$45 billion last week!

$45 billion! In one week! One! Week!

As if my heart was not already pounding in my chest and my breath coming in ragged gasps was not enough of a blow to my
system, I foolishly divided this $45 billion increase in Fed credit by the fractional-reserve ratio (the part of any new deposit that a bank must keep on hand as reserves, while remaining free to loan the rest of the new deposit), which is currently less than 1%. This means that the Fed has, with this one act, enabled the possible creation of (at the current fractional-reserve ratio) another $4.5 trillion! In one week! In case you weren’t paying attention earlier, I repeat that this is in One Freaking Week (OFW)!

"This is more than a third of gross domestic product (GDP) in One Freaking Week (OFW)", which deserves at least two exclamation points, which I now supply thusly: "This is more than a third of GDP in OFW!!"

Naturally, JMRs around the world realize that the secret punctuation code is calling attention to the huge increase in Federal Reserve credit, which will (so the Fed hopes) become a vastly increased money supply when people borrow the new "money" and get it into circulation, which means that inflation in consumer prices will increase horrifically as this new money is used to bid for a static-in-the-short-run supply of goods and services, which means that the number of people that will suffer a falling standard of living will increase dramatically because they don’t have more money with which to pay higher prices, and then these poor people come over to my house and ask me to loan them some money, like I am going to loan money to someone so stupid that they do not buy gold, silver and oil when I tell them to buy them, which is "all the time" for more than a decade, because 1997 is when Alan Greenspan, then chairman of the disastrous Federal Reserve, started really, really, really creating Fed credit in the books of the banks, which in turn created Whole Freaking Multiples (WFM) of money when this credit was loaned with a marginal fractional-reserve ratio of literally zero so that it could finance the biggest explosion of borrowing and pandemic economic stupidity in history to inflate huge, bankrupting bubbles in stocks, bubbles in bonds, bubbles in houses, bubbles in consumer spending, bubbles in derivatives and bubbles in size of government, with astonishing, towering, crushing debt, debt, debt everywhere you look!

And a person does not have to be a paranoid, gold bug, gun nut, conspiracy freak (like me) to see treachery in everything and rogue government agents everywhere spying on me, shooting dangerous mind-control rays into my brain while they root around in my computer and steal all my best porn.

In short, we are freaking doomed because the short version of the economic history of the world is that the economy collapses and gold soars in value when a government is so stupid, so brain-dead, so abysmally ignorant, and so monumentally corrupt as to allow a creation of excess money and credit, like Congress allowed the Federal Reserve to do, which paid for all the bubbles that are now popping and handing out losses and misery by the bucketful.

But, notice, not a gold bubble! There WILL be a gold bubble, to be sure, but the top of the bubble in gold is a lot higher than this, and so high, in fact, that the upper limit is "infinity dollars per ounce", which is not out of the question now that the US government is spending, and the Federal Reserve is creating, so much money that the dollar could fall to zero value.

And anything less than "infinity dollars per ounce" for gold, when I can now buy the stuff at less than $1,000 an ounce .

Richard Daughty is general partner and COO for Smith Consultant Group, serving the financial and medical communities, and the editor of The Mogambo Guru economic newsletter – an avocational exercise to heap disrespect on those who desperately deserve it.

(Republished with permission from The Daily Reckoning. Copyright 2009,