10-8-09 Dollars kaput ???

For YOUR consideration.

I gotta say something here because you folks need to get a grip on all these rumors you’re getting hammered with about people giving other people money, suppose to be bribes or whatever. The fed res note (current dollar bills ) ain’t worth a ‘tinker’s darn’ in the big picture. It has been known like, forever, that bush and clinton had illgotten gains salted away in places, Federal Reserve Notes.

In a minute it will be official, frns (Federal Reserve Notes, that is current Dollar Bills ) are being sent down the toilet, never to be seen again, so what do you think is going to happen when that becomes a public ‘known’ across the planet? Anybody holding them by the skidloads is going to be in deep doo doo, without a ‘proof of source’, they’ll be stuck like chuck. As the man said last fall, if anyone of these guys think they are running off to live happily ever after with stolen funds, I got another thought for them.

Think Clinton was unsmiling in north korea, because he was being politcally correct? He may have gotten back 20% of what he had hidden over there. Even the Vatican is smart enough to not get on the wrong side of the dragon clan, something the german bank found out, as they came up off of that wire, faster than they could say 7 hail mary’s. No one with any smarts wants to be holding dollars right now, thus the bad sales last week. Too late in the game to be holding them, puppies.



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