15-8-09 Ya entramos en el Área Roja .

Hoy entramos en el umbral rojo …

15 de agosto de 2009
An Informed Reader" writes:

There are many banks which are Basil III compliant. They have had the new US notes in their vaults for at least a year and a half. The US notes are gold backed. Latest thinking is that the US notes will be exchanged dollar for dollar for FRNs (if you can prove origin). Accounts in these banks will simply flip over to the new currency. The hold out banks, like the big ones, Wells Fargo, BofA, etc., who are so tightly in bed with the FedRes are the ones who are going to have the problems. The are still holding out for the Fed and are not Basil III compliant, being that they are controlled by Bush/Cliniton/Cheney/Obama cartel. They have been scrambling for months trying to hang on to their power, but the gold banks are blocking them at every turn.

the result of this change in currency will facilitate several things. For one thing no off balance sheet ledgers. Also, the drug money laundering will stop. All of the FRNs in the foreign warehouses stacked to the ceiling on pallets will no doubt be dishonored as they won’t be able to produce proof of origin. US dollars obtained by derivative trading will be worthless.

I see that this changeover will cause major changes in the theft that has gone on in this country. For one thing the Bush/Carlyle Group is down the drain as the prisoner bonding method will become totally non profitable as they won’t be able to trade on the prisoner bonds … and no one will buy them anyway. When the off balance sheet ledgering method is stopped, mortgage problems go away. Inflation will stop and prices will stabilize.

this gold standard return is better than what we have now but is not to be confused with the Constitutional concept of silver vs. gold method. Who knows, maybe Ron Paul will be put in place as the President. Maybe if we get back to a gold standard for our currency, and they can’t trade on the derivatives, maybe we can actually get back to the original concept of measuring gold against silver The gold standard was created in the late 1800s by a senator from Ohio who was the brother of General/President Ulysses S. Grant. I personally doubt that we will ever roll all the way back to silver/gold, but maybe if we at least get to a gold standard we can see some reforms in banking.

the Bush bunch are already under arrest. They can’t even flee to Paraguay as they did not pay (actually were prevented from) their ‘bribes’, and that whole operation has collapsed. Clinton came back from Korea with a frown on his face. If Obama doesn’t get arrested in the next few weeks everyone will be surprised. Aside from his birth certificate problems, my source says he was 22 years in the CIA for Bush Sr. Sr cleaned up his past and gave him a new identity and put him into politics. If all of that ever comes out, I doubt he will last for a nano-second.

the real bankers (the ones with the gold) are putting an end to the fraud in banking. I guess they just got tired of the BS that has gone on for all these years. Maybe we will even see the return of the real Post Office.

this is a margin call on the derivatives and those holding the derivatives cannot cover their debts … obviously The billionaires and trillionaires who are are rich on derivatives are scrambling to unload their worthless ‘money’ for gold or anything of value, but the world is wising up and not dealing. I think there are going to be a whole lot of people in prison … where they rightly belong.



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