7-8-09 Starving ???

"We’re Freaking Doomed (WFD), you morons! Your money is dead and you will be economically dead, if not actually dead, all because you turned your backs on your own Constitution and its requirement that money be only of gold and silver coin, and instead embraced a stupid fiat currency, unleashing torrents of new money (inflation in the money supply) that produced bankrupting, inflationary booms in stocks, bonds, houses, consumer debt, derivatives and size of government, all of which that selfsame government is trying to keep from imploding by printing and spending more money, which caused the problems in the first place, which means huge, huge HUGE inflation in consumer prices, even without this scary sun spot thing and the horrendous, unthinkable possibility of years and years of persistent crop failures and famines during a mini ice-age, all of which mean that you should be buying gold, with both hands, and indeed all commodities, because their prices, like all prices, are determined by the dynamic of demand versus supply, of which there ain’t a-gonna be any."



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