6-9-09 Fasten your seat belts !


Date: Sunday, 6-Sep-2009 19:23:25

There are a remarkable number of very nasty aspects this week and so I would be very
surprized if some very nasty things do not happen in the world:
1) Saturn is opposite Uranus and while the aspect only appears sharply in a city or
two it is exact in the world and I think it means sharply reduced economic activity
along with horrible damage to crops.

2) There are a few charts that have hard aspects to the Sun, Jupiter and Pluto at

or near the same time. I would suspect this implies financial pain on a very

wide level and that government rules / edicts are doing a great deal to cause

all this pain

3) There are a few charts have hard aspects to Mercury at the same time as squares to

Saturn. This could imply just further crop destruction or some horrible shrinking

in the amount of money.

4) Hard aspects to Pluto and Jupier at the same time could also imply horrible Damage

to crops: Wheat and Potatoes come to mind

It has been my feeling for some time that if GOD / Destiny wants to cut down on borrowing
/ destruction of money / Printing of Money the quickest way to do that is to create
shortages of food. Because then I suspect few will lend to those that can not supply
food in exchange and as the amount of food drops so that widespread starvation / major
drops in population happen / are postulated to happen a great deal of money that has no
food behind it will become so much worthless paper.



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