For your consideration …

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From: Fernando Martí <fmarti>
Date: 2010/1/17
Subject: 18-1-10 For your consideration …
To: Juan Iorio <masterchild>

For your consideration …

These self same individuals who got themselves upside down with those who loaned them gold but haven’t the wherewithall to pay it back, are making stink so smelly, everyone in the public will know who did what over the last few hundred years. There are those who think it doesn’t serve to tell the facts to the public, better to just not mention it and just move on. The problem is, if you use that approach, folks will just repeat it, like reinventing sliced bread or the wheel. Let’s tell the truth, folks don’t like change, they want things to remain the same, as long as, it works out for them.

More money than you can imagine has been stored over the years, while the fed system has been operating the fiat system. I’m talking real gold and silver and other precious elements, things of worth to back up a new banking system, the planet desperately needs.

The word that there’s just not enough gold or there’s not enough other things is worse than wrong, it’s a flat out lie.

Stop yourself from thinking you know who’s been guilty, you may find yourself surprised at who else has been involved. We have stuff running all the way back to King Solomon involved here. Sorry that makes your heads’ hurt but that’s the way it is. Nothing disappears is just becomes unknown by the masses. The scary part is they who conspired to keep it all a secret, have been conspired against. and they don’t know what they can do about it. Try to start another war, well you need money to start one don’t you? The fed plates are melted, so how’s that going to work out and nobody will accept your payola? Welcome to a new banking world that’s how.

Confucious was quoted as saying, ‘It is far wiser to keep mouth shut and let people think you’re dumb, than open mouth and remove all doubt’.

Americans do not like the idea that anything is not known to them and it’s just not blowing everywhere, tough, and that’s what’s going down here, expect surprises you’re are scarcely ready for.



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