¡ Ven Señor Jesús !

¡ Ven Señor Jesús !

Many have prayed that God would send angels and indeed Christ Himself, to help with those people trapped in the rubble. Only this time God has allowed us to have confirmation. How many times has Christ intervened, Himself, on our behalf and we have never known it. Thanks for the answered prayer. … did you hear about the Haitian man who was pulled out of the rubble yesterday after 4 weeks? From Jan 12 to Feb 8. Alive! He was emaciated and dehydrated but alive! He said that someone in white brought him water from time to time. It must have been an angel. This is the second story like this I have heard in a few days. The other story was not on the news, it came from Haitians in New York who had returned from Haiti after helping there. They told the rest of the story re the boy (5 years old?) who was pulled out after a week under the rubble. We saw his picture on news reports but his story was not reported. This boy told locals that he was fine because a man with a white beard brought him water and food. He told him that he should not worry because someone would take him out. He also said that this earthquake was the first event. There would be more in other places because he was coming back soon. Out of the mouth of babes…….



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