Rusia es nuestra amiga .

Europa está camino a desintegrarse.
Grecia, que fue la CUNA de nuestra civilización, hoy se convierte en su SARCÓFAGO.
Estados Unidos está quebrado económica y humanamente.
Por eso es que mirando hacia al Este podemos decir :


Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has held talks with his Argentinean counterpart Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner during his first official visit to the country on It is the first such trip by a Russian head of state in over a century, as Moscow seeks to increase its footprint in the region.
“Today is a very special day. In 200 years of Argentine history, a female Argentine president receives the first Russian president to visit our country,” said the Argentinean leader.
The meeting between Medvedev and Kirchner was indeed productive: they have signed ten agreements in the fields of military-technical cooperation, energy, space and transport.
Russia’s president said the closer fostering of ties with Latin America shouldn’t be any cause for concern for anyone else.
“Russia has returned to Latin America. We did it quite energetically last year. Russia’s stance on South America has changed. We think that our friends live here, people who are close to us. We would like to develop close ties with them,” Medvedev announced.
“The world is global, and nobody has a monopoly on that truth, so I hope it is not a problem for anyone. But if it is a problem for someone, then we could not care less,” he added.

The Russian president said that he got the impression that there are “reasonable people in the White House in Washington, and if that is so, they will not take it with fear.”




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