29-5-2010 Proyecto APOKALYPSIS – ¡ URGENTE !



Oficialmente British Petroleum anunció que fracasó el último intento de tapar el cráter del fondo del Golfo de México por donde se escapan 60.000 barriless de petróleo por día.
Todos tenemos miedo, dijo el Jefe de Operaciones de British Petroleum, porque no sabemos qué hacer.

Recordemos que British Petroleum es propiedad de Goldman Sachs. los mismos que controlan el Grupo Clarín en la Argentina.

BBC News – Breaking News 29-5-2010

The latest attempt to stop the Gulf of Mexico oil leak has failed, the oil giant BP has said.

BP chief operating officer Doug Suttles said the firm was now shifting to a new strategy to stop the spill.
In the failed procedure – known as "top kill" – the firm had been blasting waste material and heavy mud into a ruptured well.
The worst oil spill in US history began when a drilling rig exploded and sank last april 20, killing 11 people.
The thick crude has already permeated more than 70 miles (110km) of Louisiana’s coastline, threatening fragile wetlands and putting the vital fishing industry at risk.

Mr Suttles said BP had determined that the "top kill" method – which had been going on since Wednesday – had failed after studying the results for three days.
"We have not been able to stop the flow," he told reporters on Saturday.
"This scares everybody, the fact that we can’t make this well stop flowing, the fact that we haven’t suceeded so far," he said.
The company says it pumped 30,000 barrels of mud into the well, in three attempts, at rates of up to 80 barrels a minute, but it had not worked.
It is the latest procedure to have failed since attempts to plug the leak began, with BP having spent more than $940 million (£645 million) so far.
An initial plan to place a 125-tonne dome over the leak failed when it became blocked with ice crystals.
A mile-long funnel designed to suck oil from the gusher was also unsuccessful.
The next option after the failure of "top kill" is called the lower-marine-riser-package (LMRP) cap containment system. It involves an underwater robot using a saw to hack off the leaking pipe and place a cap over it.
The LMRP cap is already on site and the operation is expected to last four days.
BP says it cannot guarantee that the new method – which has not been carried out at depths of 5,000 feet before – will be successful.
At least 60,000 barrels are leaking into the Gulf every day.



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