3-6-2010 Apokalypsis Project .

Florida – The sunshine state –

> My sister says I’m having a panic attack. Why else would someone throw
> most of their essential belongings in a 20-year-old car that sounds
> like percussion concert in an unfurnished room, drive a thousand miles
> in two days, be driven to an unfamiliar hospital two days later in the
> middle of the night with chest pains, and now stare steroid-eyed at
> the leafy greenery in a distant state, wondering what the hell is
> going on.
> Goddamn right I’m having a panic attack!
> Here’s what got me to throw my stuff in the car over a four-hour
> period and blazingly hit the road north in the middle of the night,
> clanking and wheezing, freezing on a hot and sultry summer night.
> 1. If they nuke the busted oil well, we get the tsunami, all oil, 80
> to 200 miles inland. I live one mile from the Gulf of Mexico,
> elevation 2 feet. No, I don’t know how high the wave would be, but I
> don’t swim that well anymore. I never swam that well. A tsunami could
> occur of its own accord, if a seafloor collapse were sufficiently
> substantial. They have already announced one minor seafloor collapse.
> The water that would deluge the land in such an extraordinary
> occurrence would be significantly mixed with oil, which would
> essentially kill every living thing it touches.
> 2. The first hurricane that carousels through the lower Gulf and heads
> toward the Florida Panhandle douses the entire East Coast, at least as
> far as the storm blows, and probably further, with an ineradicable
> birth-defect poison. I’m not a chemist. But I read the story about
> benzene poisoning. Google it. If you can smell the oil, you have it.
> 3. I’ve done the hurricane evacuation thing. Hurricane Andrew. 1992. I
> watched the red dot on the TV screen zero in on my comfy Fort
> Lauderdale abode for 18 hours, then jumped in my car and drove to my
> sister’s in St. Petersburg — a day early. The next days millions of
> South Floridians tried to leave all at once and many endured the
> storm’s 177 mph winds in the interstate highway parking lots.
> 3b. Forced evacuation rumors. Military checkpoints being set up
> throughout the Southeast, some very far from Florida. In a forced
> evacuation perhaps accompanied by a serious rainstorm along with
> panicking Miamians booking for the far north, two results seemed
> possible: die on the road in an intractable traffic jam, or be
> directed to a FEMA camp, where by the looks of these secret compounds
> that our government has always denied existed, the future of everyone
> seems to be starvation. Perhaps they’ll be guarded by the same kind of
> drones we use in Afghanistan, you know, the ones that are always
> shooting up weddings and later its operators claim it was a tragic
> accident.
> 3c. As I feverishly gathered what I thought was important, a little
> voice whispered from behind my ear: Leave while it’s still clear,
> leave while there’s still time. There will come a time — and who knows
> how short a time! — when you won’t able to leave. When the oil reaches
> Miami Beach — and we haven’t heard a word about this in recent days —
> the mass exodus will begin. So will the looting. So will the police
> and army crackdown. You won’t be able to get out of Florida. There are
> only five or six main roads north out of Florida to Georgia or
> Alabama. I-95 is the easternmost. Everyone will try to use that one
> because it’s the furthest away from the oil spill.
> According to my hasty calculations, the Gulf Loop current carries the
> poisoned ocean through the Florida Keys, scrapes the beaches of Miami
> and Fort Lauderdale, hugs the East Coast as far up as the Carolinas,
> where it apparently veers out to sea and heads toward England,
> spreading the poison around the world.
> Where I am now, near a big river on the Eastern seaboard, is only
> temporarily safe. The effects will be felt in the Gulf states first,
> but they won’t stop there.
> Back to the checklist:
> 1a. When Florida is surrounded by oil, which should not be too much
> longer into the future, the fumes will rise up and infuse the air with
> a reddish tint. When it reaches a certain density, the stars will in
> fact appear to begin to bleed, because the air — the poisoned air —
> will become so moist, the points of light will appear to be dripping,
> like looking through a rained on windshield without your wipers on.
> 2a. Experts are predicting a record number of hurricanes this summer
> and autumn.
> Our world is built on such a tapestry of lies. Doctors sell poisons
> that they know are poisons. Meatpackers package cancerous poisons that
> they know are poisons.
> If we really wanted to bomb the perpetrators of the 9/11 massacre,
> we’d be bombing Crawford, Texas; CIA headquarters in Langley,
> Virginia, and, sorry to do this to you, Hymietowners — Wall Street.
> If America was a truthful country intent on promoting liberty and
> justice for all, like our Pledge of Allegiance says we are supposed to
> be doing, we’d be bombing most of Israel (except for where the
> Palestinians live), our own White House, and, perhaps most
> importantly, the City of London, where the Jewish bankers of the world
> have built their poisonous hive .
> The British have always (since 1645) been pushing buttons that made
> other people die. What the world failed to realize as that the power
> of England was merely a facade behind which the real power that has
> ruled the world since before Babylon was conquered has treated the
> wonderful humans of this planet like dirt, like less than dirt. The
> real powers of the world have unleashed this upon us.
> John Kaminski is a writer who used to live on the Gulf Coast of
> Florida, is now careening north, waiting for that big red light to
> come on.


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