17-8-2010 Islamic gold money !


16-8-2010 The Vatic Project

III. Post:Malaysian state introduces Islamic currency – Part I of 2 (Islamic Gold Dinar is REAL money)

Vatic Note: This piece is part I of the issue of the Muslim states reverting back to their Gold and Silver standards for currency. It was precipitated by a piece sent to us by VK Durnham, who is an expert in global investments/trusts/and currencies given her past history in dealing with these matters. When I read it, I realized we have no deep history of the islamic worlds relationship to currency and thus why the zionists were so intent and determined to bring them into the fiat currency system. At first I thought it was to globalize and make all currencies alike in order to do so and I am sure that is still the case, but with the Muslim states, the issue of value to currency is greater than just materialistic, its also religious. In searching I found this site and presentation which did a fine job of providing perspective and thus expectations on how the globalist international bankers (Zionists) will react to VK’s article about Malaysia converting their currency back to gold and silver. In our country, when JFK tried, he was assassinated, so watch for that with respect to Malaysia. The "useless feeder" bankers cannot let that challange go unanswered. VK’s article that triggered all this is Part II, so watch for it right after this one.
link: http://vaticproject.blogspot.com/2010/08/malaysian-state-introduces-islamic.html

IV. Post: Malaysian state introduces Islamic currency – Part II

Contributor’s Note: Uh Oh!!! This has the smell of "honest money" to it. Can’t have that. The money changers will be very annoyed.

Vatic Note: Good point and its also the money changers clarion call to war against any nation who does that, just ask Iraq and Iran; watch out Malaysia, hang in there, we will "try" to stop it all here. We, the people are not behind this or any US gov that invades illegally any nation. Notice our soldiers are resisting going back over to afghanistan because they now believe it is an illegal war against people who are unable to fight back. We have written about it on this blog just recently. We are making progress here, so do not give up).

Well, lookie here, while trying to obtain a picture of the currency, I got this instead when I put in the link, and no matter which way I tried, this always came up. They do NOT WANT US SEEING OR KNOWING ANYTHING ABOUT THIS.

You don’t have permission to access /…/kelantan-launches-own-syariah-currency-gold-dinar-silver-dirham.php – Malaysia on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
So I found another article on it on facebook, so here is a picture of the currency they are discussing.

I have also included in addition, a very thoroughly discussed situation and history of Muslim treatment of currency which was an enlightening article to say the least and well worth the read. I made it Part I of this 2 part series, so when you read this one, you would have the background needed to understand why and how the "Zionist Banksters" may well respond to Malaysia on this move on their part. Now I understand why the fiat currency zionist bankers hate muslims and the currency philosophy they have that used to be the philosophy of all middle east nations. (Now Read Part II – sent by VK Durnham – thanks VK)
link: http://vaticproject.blogspot.com/2010/08/malaysian-state-introduces-islamic_16.html



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