06-09-2010 INGENIERÍA DEL FUTURO – Expiración .



When the ball hits the ceiling fan, sometime late 2010 , there will be massive bank runs.

I expect that the FED and other central banks will pre-empt such a run and will do the following:

1) Disallow cash withdrawals from banks beyond a certain amount, say US$1,000 per day;

2) Disallow cash transactions up to a certain amount, say US$10,000 for certain transactions;

3) Transactions (investments) for metals (gold and silver) will be restricted;

4) Worst-case scenario – the confiscation of gold AS HAPPENED IN WORLD WAR II.

5) Imposition of capital controls etc.;

6) Legislations that will compel most daily commercial transactions to be conducted through Debit and or Credit Cards;

7) Legislations to make it a criminal offence for any contraventions of the above..

So, be ready to :

– Maintain a bank balance sufficient to enable you to comply with the above potential impositions.

– Start diversifying your assets away from dollar assets.

– Have metallic gold in safe in sufficient quantities in those jurisdictions where the above anticipated impositions are least likely to be implemented..


There will be a financial tsunami (round two) the likes of which the world has never seen.

Global banks will collapse !



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