4-9-2010 INGENIERÍA DEL FUTURO – Cómo lo ve Percy .

Percy es un magnífico colaborador y un EGREGOROI que vive en los Estados Unidos, pero piensa como nosotros.
Aquí resume su pensamiento sobre el momento actual :

I believe we are in the middle of a massive paradigm shift, without going into why or the specifics, but suffice it to say a lot has to do with the science of it all, believe it or not. What is coming, given these shifts in electromagnetic fields that we will be passing through, and given the changes in gravity and other forces, is a definite energy change in our environment like nothing we have ever experienced in recent history. I believe the bad guys know about this shift and have prepared for it to the degree that they can, based on their very limited perceptions of it and the dynamics they perceive of it. What they are doing to us, is a last ditch effort grab at power and a desparate clinging to the "OLD" paradigm that they controlled and ruled over. That is all changing. Do I feel helpless? Heavens no. I feel more powerful than I have ever felt before in my life. We all agreed to come here at this very time in our history and each of us has a mission to do to help make this shift occur as it is suppose to occur (just MHO). We will be shifting, if not already in progress, from the agressive war mongering, hate and fear filled world of "force" into a more passive, peaceful and higher energy world of "power", internal power that is, it is within us. Have you all noticed how very rapidly things are progressing both within you and within your personal lives as well as globally?

What we are experiencing now is the affects of the aggressive forces (satanic) desperately hanging on during a very tremultuous and unexpectedly dramatic transition from the one paradign to the other. This new paradigm is where we come into our power (not force) and its internally generated and we will come together with that massive energy of light and goodness and over come and over power the dark forces of evil and become the community of power within, that will be manifested without into a brave new world. I believe it deeply, I already see its happening, how the dark forces are struggling with their agenda and time frame which they are not meeting at all and how we are growing in numbers, awareness, and commitment to the change that must take place for our world to become the better place it must end up being. That is my short version of what I believe. I see it every day. As we change with it, we are moving faster and faster into our new paradigm and those that cannot are massively suffering. Its internal work that must be done. WE ARE ON AN ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME LIKE NO ONE IN OUR FAMILIES BEFORE US……… WE ARE PIONEERS OF DISCOVERY AND WE HAVE AN EXCITING NEW TIME AHEAD OF US OF CHANGE LIKE NOTHING WE CAN IMAGINE. I AM HEARTILY EXCITED ABOUT IT ALL AND LOOK FORWARD TO THE NEW WORLD WE, THE NEW PARADIGM MEMBERS, WILL BE CREATING LIKE NOTHING EVER BEFORE. WONDERFUL TIMES ARE AHEAD…. WE SIMPLY HAVE TO BELIEVE IN THEM AND SEE IT AND ANSWER OUR CALLING.



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