14-09-2010 INGENIERÍA DEL FUTURO – Excelente análisis .


Lo que no ha tenido en cuenta el analista que escribió el excelente artículo que copiamos a continuación es que las circunstancias anteriores a la Segunda Guerra Mundial son muy diferentes a las actuales.
El "escape hacia adelante" realizado en la Segunda Guerra Mundial NO PRODUCIRÁ LOS MISMOS RESULTADOS en el presente debido a la naturaleza de las armas nucleares que se utilizarán ahora y que producirán un colapso mundial sin precedentes históricos EN EL HEMISFERIO NORTE.
No obstante la APARENTE ceguera de los dirigentes actuales no es tal sino que se inscribe en un plan diabólico de disminución de la población mundial para poder controlar más eficazmente el planeta en el que vivimos.

El APOKALYPSIS no miente y estamos entrando en la séptima etapa de los tres septenarios.
El que aún tenga una mente LIBRE para pensar que se prepare para sobrevivir en el Hemisferio Sur.



September 13, 2010
IMF Issues Catastrophic Warning As France Calls For End Of US Hegemony
By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers





In a shock warning to a World entering its third year of Global economic chaos, the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Dominique Strauss-Kahn, stated today that the unemployment situation facing all Nations has now become a “catastrophic situation” that is “unparalleled” and is fast leading to the creation of a “lost generation” of human beings numbering in the hundreds of millions.
Strauss-Kahn’s grim warning follows on the heels of French President Nicolas Sarkozy [photo 2nd left with Obama] calling for the end of US hegemony and the establishment of a new International monetary system he plans to propose at the upcoming G-20 summit in November and supported by the emerging economies of China, India, Brazil and Russia, who, like Sarkozy, are angered by the collapsing American Dollar’s supremacy.
These shocking developments also follow the United States surprise move this past month wherein the Americans called for shifting the balance of power over the Global economy from the West to East by allowing the so called emerging economies of the Middle East, South America and Asia to dominate the IMF, and hence control World economic power.
The response of the United States, where the top 1 percent of American earners now take home nearly a quarter of Americans’ total income, to these latest grim developments appears on its face to be one of shocking complacency with reports showing that Obama has scheduled a week of White House parties instead of working to prevent the total economic collapse of his Nation.
Obama’s actions in partying now is significant because it is happening at the same time American investors are using options to brace for big swings this week as Wall Street enters the peak of the most volatile month for stocks historically, and which Brian Overby, a senior options analyst at online brokerage TradeKing in Charlotte, North Carolina, states “this week is the real start of a month to be nervous about.”
Even more ominously for the United States are the many historical warnings pointing to their soon to come total economic collapse that we had previously written about in our reports Hindenburg Omen Warned Spells ‘Final Doom’ For America and “Triffin Paradox” Collapse Of US Economy Sends Shockwaves Around World.
To how catastrophic Obama’s economic polices been to the United States we can see in newly released US government statistics showing that under his leadership the poverty rate in America has soared to levels not seen since the early 1960’s, numbers so horrific they led then President John F. Kennedy to declare his famous War On Poverty.
Unlike the early 1960’s, though, Obama has no economic power to launch his own war on poverty as the millions of jobs lost under his Presidency are warned will never come back and likening the conditions he is facing to those of the Great Depression era President Franklin Roosevelt, rather than those of Kennedy.
And in comparing the present day actions of Obama against those of Roosevelt one can sadly see with great clarity his ‘master plan’, so to speak, to keep himself and his elite cronies in power for decades to come, a future of unending Global wars increasing to such size and magnitude our whole Planet will be engulfed.
So, in 1937, Roosevelt began a series of seemingly contradictory US foreign policy moves both benefiting and antagonizing the powers of the Empires of Japan and Germany and fascist Italy thus positioning the United States to be a combatant in a World War the American people overwhelmingly wanted nothing to do with.
So strident were the American peoples objection to what they called ‘Roosevelt’s War’ that two of the United States greatest public spokesman of the time, aviation hero Charles Lindberg (refused to return a medal given to him by Nazi Germany) and US auto giant Henry Ford (Ford and Hitler were great admirers of each other), started an anti-war movement known today as America First that sought to keep their country from war.
Roosevelt’s trade polices against the Empire of Japan led that Asian Nation in 1937 to begin its conquest of China, and other Asian neighbors as it sought oil and raw materials denied it by the Americans, and which without their economy would collapse.
Unbeknownst to the American people, however, Roosevelt’s plan for plunging his Nation into war was just starting, and which he vastly accelerated, in early 1941, after his inauguration by enacting Public Law 77-11 (also known as The Lend Lease Act) which was a program under which the US supplied the United Kingdom, the Soviet Union, China, France and other Allied Nations with vast amounts of war material amounting to over $50 Billion. (In today’s dollars equal to $1 Trillion.)
By late 1941 Roosevelt’s ‘master plan’ for plunging his people into war was realized, and in the words of the Noble Prize winning American economist Paul Krugman resulted in:
“From an economic point of view World War II was, above all, a burst of deficit-financed government spending, on a scale that would never have been approved otherwise. Over the course of the war the federal government borrowed an amount equal to roughly twice the value of G.D.P. in 1940 — the equivalent of roughly $30 trillion today.
Had anyone proposed spending even a fraction that much before the war, people would have said the same things they’re saying today. They would have warned about crushing debt and runaway inflation. They would also have said, rightly, that the Depression was in large part caused by excess debt — and then have declared that it was impossible to fix this problem by issuing even more debt.

And so today, as the United States sinks ever deeper into its latest Great Depression, as millions of its people remain hungry and homeless, as tens of millions more remain jobless, as their poverty rate skyrockets to levels not seen since the early 1960’s, as all of the historical indicators point to stock market crash of unprecedented proportions, as millions of them rally against their governments spending their children’s future away, ‘partying’ Obama has just announced the largest arms sale in American history to of all places Saudi Arabia.

For these self deluded people not to see the preverbal ‘writing on the wall’ of what their future is soon going to look like is beyond imagining, but nonetheless real.



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