23-2-2011 Cracker´s power !!!



During the current World Wide Revolution, to end World Wide Domination of the American-Israeli Military Industrial Complex, stopping the Nuclear Arc of Terror that is now being built running from [Foothold Germany to Foothold Okinawa], ending its Democracy of Democracy’s of Hypocrisy, the line of communitions between the [CIA] Central Intelligence Agency and its spider wed of pulling the strings of its web behind the scene out of their State Department supported operations within their client states via its Embassys must not only be actively monitored and any and all such communitions must be made public across the internet, the truth must out. In the [21st] Century the enemy of the entire Globe is The American-Military Industrial Complex, it must be brought down, along with its [Special Relationship's], and global interference. It is time to establish as community of neighborhoods [Spheres of Global Parity]. Where Revolutions are in progess this is an absolute must, that the body is cut from the head of the, stopping the brain from operating its systems. It is time for yet another [Sphere of Influence] to join with the {BRICS} Brazil, The Russian Federation, India, The Democratic Peoples Republic of China, and The Union of South Africa, a [Democratic Peoples Republic of Islam], a Regional Power of Equal Parity to the {Special Relationship} government of Israel without the need for a [Special Relationship] status required. Anonymous needs to take on the Military Industrial Complex and [CIA] and break the links of which seek to control, contain, circle, and delay Revolutions that don’t meet their agenda’s. The stakes are high Regional Parity or Domination by the American-Israeli Military Industrial Complex, the work of the Cyber Children of the [21st] Century has just begun and the Journey the Odyssey has started, Good Luck and Good Hunting!

Anonymous Cracker



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