13-3-2011 INGENIERÍA DEL FUTURO – Otro golpe para el dólar.



The situation is that the Fed is stuck. It cannot withdraw any liquidity without creating an entirely new set of problems that would more than likely have to be once again dealt with by adding more liquidity and repeating the cycle. Lather, Rinse, Repeat!

If this were not already enough, the Japanese are now selling US Treasuries to repatriate money back to their country for rebuilding purposes (Japanese insurance companies hold large numbers of US Treasuries which they will need to sell and convert to yen to pay claims – that is the reason for the big rally in the yen on Friday and the weakness in the Treasuries).
Toss in the fact that if China were to float the yuan higher upwardly revaluing it as some US politicians are demanding – a move which they think will shrink the US trade deficit with China – and US imports of Chinese goods were to then follow such a move by shrinking, China would need to purchase less US Treasuries to sterilize a shrinking trade surplus with the US. We would then have a situation where the TWO LARGEST BUYERS OF US TREASURIES would be curtailing purchases or outright selling Treasuries at the same time that the Fed might be wanting to begin selling what is going to eventually end up being over $1.5 TRILLION IN Treasury holdings.
Just who in the world is going to buy them all? Bill Gross?

Nota : Y en este caso no creo que la Yakuza se haga cargo de la reparación integral del Japón como lo hizo con el puerto de Kobe cuando el terremoto de 1995. Porque le hacía falta ese puerto para sus "actividades" .

Jim Sinclair



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