13-3-2011 INGENIERÍA DEL FUTURO – Sorcha advierte …

Egregoroi : recuerden que el sábado 19 de marzo es Super-Luna -Llena. Que el domingo 20 es el comienzo de la Era de Acuario-Leo y que el Sol produce conjunción perfecta (longitud y latitud eclípticas) con Urano.
Y recuerden que el proceso "crítico" culminará el domingo 3 de abril cuando Marte alcance a Urano.

"Estar informados y preparados asegura la supervivencia"


World Warned ‘Doomed’ After Japan Megaquake Disaster
By: Sorcha Faal



A shocking “urgent” update to the Russian Agricultural Ministries February (2011) report that warned our world’s ability to feed itself had been “doomed” because of the growing number of superstorms that have pounded our planet’s most abundant agricultural areas this past year, is now warning that the over 7 meter (21 feet) tsunami generated by the 9.1 Magnitude Japanese Megaquake has “virtually assured” an outbreak of Total Global War within the next 12 months.
In our 6 February 2011 report “New Superstorms Warned Have ‘Doomed’ World Food Production” we had detailed the Ministries previous warnings which, in part, said:
“…when the damage caused by these Superstorms is combined with the cataclysmic destruction of over one-third of Russia’s crops due to historic fires and drought, the historic drought in China that is now being warned could cripple their entire winter wheat crop, the Superstorms that have pounded Southern Africa leaving their agricultural sector in ruins, the Superstorms that have virtually destroyed Sri Lanka’s ability to feed itself, the Superstorm that killed over 2,000 in Pakistan and destroyed its agriculture sector, historic fires and drought in Ukraine that destroyed 20% of their crops, the record cold and snow hitting a European Continent after their worst flooding in decades, catastrophic Superstorms hitting Brazil that has left nearly 700 dead, and a catastrophic drought in Argentina….to all of these, and more, the damage done in the past 12 months to our world’s ability to feed its 6.8 billion human beings has been “completely destroyed.”

According to this “urgent” update, however, what was grim before has gotten downright scary as new reports from Japan are warning that meltdowns are “now underway” at two of their nuclear plants as the death toll from this unprecedented catastrophe has reached 10,000 and millions are left struggling to find food and water.
Even though Japan has ordered up the largest mobilization of their Self-Defense Forces since World War II to deal with this unprecedented crisis, this “urgent” update continues, the destruction caused by the combined effects of the Megaquake, Tsunami and Nuclear Meltdown is nothing short of “catastrophic” due to the regions being most affected is this Pacific island Nations small, but critically vital, agricultural region and fishing ports.
Important to note is that Japan is an archipelago of 6,852 islands with the four largest of them being Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu and Shikoku, which together account for 97% of Japan’s total land area, and which holds our planet’s tenth-largest population of over 127 million people and has the world’s third largest economy after the United States and China.
Even more critical to note is that only 15% of Japan’s land is suitable for cultivation, meaning they have to import about 50% of their requirements for grain and fodder crops and rely on imports for most of their supply of meat.
Japan is, also, our world’s 2nd largest fishing nation having over 2,000 fishing ports and one of the most advanced aquaculture (sea farming) industries on the planet.
With these facts known, this “urgent” update continues, it is critical to note that the main destruction that has been wrought upon Japan was centered on that 15% of their cultivatable land and has destroyed what little ability they had to feed themselves to begin with, along with totally annihilating over three-quarters of their vast fishing fleet, ports and food processors.
Not to fear, though, this “urgent” update continues, the Japanese people will not be left starving as this First World Nation has more than enough monetary resources to feed itself; but, the “critical danger” lies in their entering the Global market to feed themselves at a time when food prices have skyrocketed to historic highs and Josette Sheeran, the UN World Food Programme’s executive director, has warned that “If people don’t have enough to eat they only have three options: they can revolt, they can migrate or they can die.”
According to Britain’s Telegraph News Service these revolts are now underway and are being countered as authoritarian governments across the world have begun aggressively stockpiling food in order to stop the rapid rise of riots threatening their regimes, but according to the Telegraph’s report is “too little, too late” as our world had been previously warned was just “one poor harvest away from total chaos”.
And with the catastrophe that is now Japan, that “one poor harvest” is now upon us all.
To those in other First World Nations believing they will be immune to the “total chaos” to come as food prices continue skyrocketing and shortages loom they couldn’t be more mistaken, as one of America’s top trend forecasters, Gerald Celente, the CEO of Trends Research Institute, has warned “that by 2012 America will become an undeveloped nation, that there will be a revolution marked by food riots, squatter rebellions, tax revolts and job marches, and that holidays will be more about obtaining food, not gifts.”
Karen Ward, a senior economist at the Worldwide bank of HSBC, further warned this past week (before the Japan Megaquake) that food riots will soon hit Britain too, and as we can, in part read from her report: “In the Northern city where I live poverty is already a way of life, for too many adults and children. Jobs are few are far between and young people face an uncertain future. Imagining unrest and food riots on the streets of the UK may be hard for those living in other countries. For me it is not. The new generation of British people will not be as easily led as previous generations may have been.”
In Sister Adalsinda Bachmeier’s seminal work “The Great Famine Of 2009-2012” the basis for what is happening now was laid to those who cared to listen, and she stated “that hidden within each and every human beings DNA is a “Great Famine Gene” that upon its activation by future events it knows will occur, but seldom in today’s ‘modern’ World acknowledged, begins excreting its power over our bodies leading to rapid and sustained weight gain, feelings of hopelessness, depression and acts of self destruction.”
As has been proven many times over, however, and sadly, the many warnings being shouted to people by organizations and groups such as ours are drowned out by those who call us liars, hoaxers, disinformation agents, etc., with no truth being given to substantiate what they say.
The US media, in particular, is the guiltiest of making baseless charges against all those who fail to obey the regimes orders to keep their citizens ignorant, but are more accurately described by Israeli thinker Uri Avnery as “a mixture of propaganda, news and entertainment” , and in testimony last week before the US Congress, the American Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, was forced to admit that there is “no real news” in the United States anymore.
So with the void of “real news” being available to those seeking truth, those like us (and our numbers are growing fewer by the day) continue our efforts to inform and advise, and which in the case of our 9 March report “March Mega Quake Warning Issued For United States” saved at least 10 of our Japanese readers and their families who heeded our warning and moved themselves to safety before the catastrophe struck.
And to these times we live in, and as we had stated in our 8 March report “Global Resource War Warned Has Begun Between East-West”, the Pentagons 2004 top-secret report released to the British press, but still banned in the US, gives us all this stark warning “once again, warfare will define human life.”
© March 13, 2011



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