6-4-2011 Palingenesia – No preocuparse es la consigna !

Es esta la razon por la que los demonios gringos se andan despidiendo de la aparición publica?

Gates se llegó a despdedir de "sus" soldados de Irak, como diciendoles "ya pronto no estarán aqui"?

Es por eso que el PM HP de isra-hell anda por Europa diciendoles lo que viene??


Mike Adams
Natural News
April 5, 2011

The mass radioactive contamination of our planet is now under way thanks to
the astonishing actions taking place at the Fukushima nuclear facility in
Japan. As of last night, TEPCO announced it is releasing 10,000 tons of
radioactive water directly into the Pacific Ocean. That 2.4 million gallons
of planetary poison being dumped directly into the ocean.

This water is being released because they have run out of places to keep it
on land. It’s too deadly to transport anywhere else, and all the storage
pools around Fukushima are already overflowing. So they’re dumping it into
the ocean, then calling it “safe” because they claim the ocean will
“disperse” all the radiation and make it harmless.

But because there’s more radioactive water being produced every day at
Fukushima, this process of releasing radioactive water into the ocean could
theoretically continue for years, easily making Fukushima the worst nuclear
disaster in the history of our world.

Quick, fudge the numbers before anybody notices!

Fukushima, you see, is doing to the Pacific Ocean what BP and the Deepwater
Horizon did to the Gulf of Mexico last summer. Except that in the case of
Fukushima, that radiation doesn’t just disappear with the help of millions
of gallons of toxic chemicals. Nope, that radiation sticks around for

So what to do? If you’re the United States Environment Protection Agency,
there’s only one option: Declare radiation to be safe!

Yes indeed, friends, we have reached a moment of comedic insanity at the
EPA, where those in charge of protecting the environment are hastily
rewriting the definition of “radioactive contamination” in order to make
sure that whatever fallout reaches the United States falls under the new
limits of “safe” radiation.

The EPA maintains a set of so-called “Protective Action Guides” (PAGs).
These PAGs are being quickly revised to radically increase the allowable
levels of iodine-131 (a radioactive isotope) to anywhere from 3,000 to
100,000 times the currently allowable levels.

The group Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) is all
over this issue, having obtained internal emails from a FOIA requests that
reveal some truly shocking revelations of the level of back-stabbing
betrayal happening inside the EPA. For example, under the newly-revised
PAGs, drinking just one glass of water considered “safe” by the EPA could
subject you to the lifetime limit of radiation.


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“In addition,” PEER goes on to say, “it would allow long-term cleanup limits
thousands of times more lax than anything EPA has ever before accepted.
These new limits would cause a cancer in as much as every fourth person

These new PAGs would also vastly increase the allowable levels of radiation
in soil and food, too. That way, when the radioactive fallout from Fukushima’s
massive release of raw radioactive water begins to rain down upon the West
Coast, the EPA can officially announce that all the radiation is “below
accepted limits.” That’s very comforting to many people, you see.

And why is it below the limits? Because the EPA just raised the limits by as
much as 100,000 times!

Quack science is alive and well as the government

Truly, this is science at its most delightful. When the facts don’t fit your
fairy tale, simply rewrite the fairy tale to discard the facts! That’s
science for you today, folks: There’s nothing that can’t be denied,
censored, oppressed or ignored if you just fudge the numbers with enough
determination and arrogance.

The U.S. government does the exact same thing with vitamin D, of course. By
lowering the definition of vitamin D deficiency to mean only those with a
blood level below 30, the government magically and instantly transforms a
wildly deficient American population into a “sufficiently nourished”
population! It’s magic, friends. Magic with numbers.

But even the EPA’s sleight-of-hand magic isn’t fooling very many people this
time around. Even the most TV-obsessed, CNN-watching news zombie has by now
figured out that too much radiation is bad for you. After all, the media has
been screaming at people about the dangers of sunlight radiation for years,
insisting that the mere act of sunlight touching your skin could kill you
from skin cancer.

And yet, thanks to the EPA’s magically-morphing numbers, even though
sunlight radiation might kill you, Fukushima radiation is perfectly safe for

You have a front row seat in this entertaining charade

Isn’t it amazing? Watching the U.S. government try to fudge its way out of
the physical realities of Fukushima probably beats the best stage magic show
you’ll ever find in Vegas. Sure, in Vegas they can make white tigers
disappear right in front of your very eyes, but with the help of the U.S.
government, they can cause the world’s largest nuclear catastrophe to vanish
by simply redefining radiation exposure limits.

You may wonder, dear readers, where the U.S. government learned these
amazing and fantastic tricks of fudging the numbers. The answer, as regular
NaturalNews know all too well, is that they learned it from the U.S.
Treasury, where fudging the numbers is an essential skill to keep things
running. After all, if the federal government can pretend that trillions of
dollars in toxic debt have no impact on the U.S. economy, it’s a no-brainer
to also pretend that massive doses of radioactive fallout have no impact on
environmental health, either.

That’s the new mantra in Washington: We just wish it away! It should be
Obama’s new campaign slogan, actually: Are you ready to wish it all away?
Watch the distraction in my right hand while I steal the money out of your
wallet with my left…

British scientists have the solution: Spread it all around!

Getting back to the absolutely glowing situation in Fukushima, if you can’t
believe the U.S. EPA, then perhaps you can take comfort in the authoritative
words of a British newspaper, which assures us that:

“Scientists also confirmed that ocean currents will swiftly dilute the
radioactive iodine-131, eliminating risks to human health and the


Surely this logic is impeccable, no? Any amount of toxic radiation can
simply be declared safe by dumping it into the ocean and watching the waves
sweep it all away. By this same logic, you could clean up a toxic chemical
spill by swishing it around with wet mops and then declaring the zone to be
safe again.

Didn’t we try this already with pesticides, herbicides and agricultural
runoff? And didn’t it create massive ocean dead zones all around the planet?
Now we’re going to add Chernobyl-sized radiation releases to that equation,

Fukushima is a massive dirty bomb

I’m reminded that if an Islamic-looking individual conducted such an act
anywhere near a U.S. shoreline, it would be considered an act of terrorism.
A dirty bomb, actually. And those individuals would be shipped off the
Guantanamo Bay to be interrogated in a facility that President Obama once
promised the voters would be closed down if he were elected. He was lying,
of course. But that’s not even the news here. Everybody already knows he was
lying about Gitmo.

So why is unleashing a dirty bomb an act of terrorism if you’re
Islamic-looking, but if you’re Japanese suddenly it’s all officially safe?
And by what contortions in its twisted agenda of anti-public service does
the EPA go to these extraordinary lengths to redefine the very margins of
radiation exposure? If Fukushima goes into a total meltdown, will the EPA
just add more zeroes to the end of its safety margin numbers until we’re all
assured our food is U.S. government approved 100% safe even while our hair
falls out from eating it?

Will the FDA soon tell us that radioactive milk is safe to drink, but RAW
milk is deadly?

Canada tries to out-stupid the USA

Ah, the fascination of watching this tragic comedy of errors unfold in the
U.S. government almost cannot be exceeded. But Canada is sure trying. Its
own nuclear monitoring network has simply been shut off, and its website now
reads “Please note that as of March 25, 2011, the frequency of data
collection by NRCan using the mobile surveys has been decreased due to the
low levels of radiation being detected.”

Seriously, see the bottom of the page:

Yep, since they’re detecting low levels of radiation, this is apparently
justification for turning off the monitors altogether, which of course is
the kind of brilliant early warning plan that could have only been dreamed
up by a brain-dead bureaucrat. It’s as if these morons are sitting around a
table having a conversation that goes something like this:

Bureaucratic Moron #1: Remember how we spent a hundred million dollars
installing a national network of radiation detectors?

Bureaucratic Moron #2: Yeah.

Bureaucratic Moron #1: And remember how we started to detect some of the
radioactive fallout from Fukushima as it began raining down upon Canada?

Bureaucratic Moron #2: Yeah.

Bureaucratic Moron #1: Well, I have a great idea. Let’s turn OFF all the
detectors so that we stop detecting radiation!

Bureaucratic Moron #2: That’s brilliant! You’re a genius!

Bureaucratic Moron #1: I know I am. And we wouldn’t want to waste this
expensive equipment, you know.

Bureaucratic Moron #2: Right, we want to save it for a scenario when we
might really need it, eh?

Bureaucratic Moron #1: Exactly! And we’ll save millions of dollars in
operating fees, because the best way to save money on radiation detectors is
to not use them.

Bureaucratic Moron #2: You’re a genius! You should run for Prime Minister!

Yes there is a plan, but you’re not in it
Obama, of course, is trying to best his Canadian counterpart by simply
urging the American people todo nothingin the case of radioactive fallout.
Don’t worry, my little consumer sheeple, you don’t need to prepare in any
way whatsoever, Obama says from his nuclear fallout shelter that’s stocked
with 10 years of food, water, emergency medical supplies, government
ammunition and military communications equipment. It’s okay for the
President to prepare for emergencies, I guess. Just not YOU.

There is a plan, you see, for the government to survive every disaster that
comes our way. You’re just not part of it. The government feels that its own
survival is far more important than yours. And just to make sure you don’t
interfere with its own plans, the government is going to turn off the
radiation detectors, raise the official EPA limits of radioactive exposure,
urge Americans to avoid preparing for fallout, and then pretend absolutely
nothing’s wrong. Keep on buying, consuming and paying your bills, all you
voters! Punch your time clock at your job if you still have one, and don’t
ask any questions about radiation, vaccines or the chemical additives they
put in hot dogs.

Some food ingredients, you see, are only disclosed on a need-to-know basis.
And you don’t need to know.

Run for the cure. Vote in the next election. Buy diet sodas and watch lots
of sports programs on television with occasional interruptions from the news
programs now featuring “info babes” regurgitating scripted mindless
propaganda bracketed by flying news network logos. Report suspicious
activities at Wal-Mart (
…). Call 911 on
your Arab-looking neighbors just because they look Arab-looking. Watch “Ow,
My Balls!” on your television set (
…) and
stop thinking about your future.

Your government already has your future planned for you. That’s why there’s
no need for you to expend any effort considering it yourself. Why bother
thinking when you can just passivelyconsumeeverything you’re being spoon-fed
by the State? And don’t worry about the radioactive fallout. It’s all safe
now. I’ve been assured of that by the EPA.



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