21-4-2011 PALINGENESIA – Radiactivity in the Northern Hemisphere .

PALINGENESIA – Radiactivity in the Northern Hemisphere

By Eric Francis (born Eric Francis Coppolino, March, 1964 in Brooklyn, NY) is an Americaninvestigative reporter, essayist, author, editor and photojournalist. As an investigative reporter, he has specialized in corporate fraud and toxic torts litigation involving some of the world’s most powerful corporations — General Electric, Monsanto Company and Westinghouse.

April 21, 2011
Today my friend Jim Schaeffer sent along this list of articles, compiled by the
Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies, which update the food safety situation for North America. The information in these links is too extensive to personally verify, but it is a starting point in the long process of becoming informed.
Straight away, I would note that we are hearing absolutely none of this in the mainstream media, whether you’re talking about Fox, MSNBC or The New York Times. It’s as if the issue does not exist. Think about this for a second. Think about it as you read over these links. If all you read is the newspaper or all you watch is cable news or network news, then everything is fine.
We have been aware that the whole situation is being consciously downplayed so as not to panic the public. Very low levels of radiation are dangerous to some people and all fetuses. Were the real risks explained or even alluded to, a lot of people would start asking questions.
If you are pregnant, you simply must take care about this, and learn what to eat and not eat and how to minimize your exposure. Fetuses are vulnerable because certain elements of the genetic code, endocrine system and key organs are developing, and the rapid development stage is where the mutations tend to get in. The rest of us would do well to consider adjusting what and how we eat. There are reasons that anyone is anti-nuclear as a political or environmental position. It’s not because it’s so groovy. It’s because of the way that the fallout created by a meltdown ends up in the food chain, and and then continually recycles itself over and over again.

The isotopes get into the air, the water and then food. As you will read, not all foods are equal. Some tend to collect radiation; some concentrate it; some are less susceptible. The effect will not be the same in all people, either. Even the same dosage will affect different people many different ways — due to preexisting factors, how your genetic code is doing, how your immune system is doing, whether you’ve had prior exposures, and other factors.
One last point to make is that the radiation releases are not over. They seem to be as high as ever, or higher. The more that is released, the more will collect in the ‘background level’ of the Northern Hemisphere. I recognize that this is not happy news, indeed that it’s too much for most people to consider. I also know how few people are likely to be concerned. I’ve spent a lot of time around people for whom exposure to deadly toxins is imminent, and their lack of care is one of the mysteries of my life. It is one of the most revealing things about the human race that I have seen in my time here, and I don’t understand it. But as Gary Null once said to me during a live interview on the subject, it’s all about one’s agenda. For those who care, this is some information you may find helpful.
I would add that in my opinion, it’s necessary to do more than take iodine. The body’s first line of defense, and really, its last, is the immune system. Above all else that is the thing you must take care of. That is something you can do — though you need to make informed choices, both by reading and talking with people who have informed opinions. I think that antioxidants will be a key part of staying safe(r), and apparently miso soup is something famous for helping avert the dangers of radiation.
Thanks to Vesica for pulling this data together, to Jim for passing it along and to Anatoly for gathering up the code (it’s not up to our usual presentation format, but I thought it would be best to get it out sooner rather than later).
Radioactive Fallout Has Been Confirmed Across the Entire Northern Hemisphere of the Earth



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