4-5-2011 Will Fukushima Plutonium Contaminate the Planet?

To: fmarti
From: news
Date: Wed, 4 May 2011 00:02:06 -0400
Subject: Will Fukushima Plutonium Contaminate the Planet?


Professor Christopher Busby, Scientific secretary of
the European Committee on radiation risks says that fuel
rods at Fukushima got blown sky high, that concentrations
of uranium and plutonium particles had been detected in
air filters in Hawaii and the Marianas Islands at the
time of this interview last week.

He says the people who are "talking this down are
generally in the nuclear industry. The risk model and
epidemiology have already be done with Chernobyl and a
million have died so far and many, many people were made
very sick from it. Those who don’t know their history
are doomed to repeat it."

A US nuclear safety professional who I queried said that
the only way Fukushima’s plutonium could escape Japan by
air was "Unless you attached the core to a rocket."



– Alexandra



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