15-6-2011 Hemiferio Norte Radiactivo – Hemisferio Sur Cenizas

  • "Hot Particles" From Japan to Seattle: Virtually Undetectable When Inhaled or Swallowed‏

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A new report from independent scientists in Japan found
a much greater release of "hot particles" from the Fukushima
power plant than originally estimated. These particles include
radioactive isotopes of cesium, strontium, uranium, plutonium,
cobalt-60 and many others.

The average person in Tokyo is thought to have inhaled 10
"hot particles" per day, throughout the month of April 2011.


The inhabitants of Fukushima were estimated to have inhaled
30-40 times more than that amount or up to 400 hot particles
per day, every day that month.

In Seattle, Washington USA it is estimated that the average
person absorbed 5 "hot particles" per day during the month
of April 2011. These invisible atomic particles can become
lodged in your lungs, intestines, bone or muscle.

It only takes ONE of these particles to give you cancer.

A Geiger counter CANNOT measure whether someone has
ingested a hot particle but we know they're here because the
air filters have measured them.


- Alexandra


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