2-12-2011 Status .

Sooo, in effect, the Rothschilds’ current Central Bank controlled global money supply arrangements – the global monetary system – is a Ponzi scheme that requires ever-increasing borrowing of fiat debt money in order for it to survive.
Once the population has ‘maxed’ out its ability to pay interest and can no longer borrow any more money without being unable to meet the capital and interest repayments, which results in bankruptcy, the global monetary system and economy must collapse.
As historically NO previous fiat money scheme has lasted more than 70 years and the current fiat money scheme created with the establishment of the Federal Reserve System in the US in 1913 has greatly exceeded that mark, the global monetary system is well overdue for collapse.
In effect our whole world has been screwed by a criminally fraudulent Rothschild controlled, Central Banking, fiat fractional reserve money supply system which is now in terminal collapse mode.
The system must end in a global financial and economic catastrophe which will make the Great Depression look like a picnic.



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