8-1-2012 Lo dijo Ingenierìa del Futuro ya.


So, the dinar is another scam to destroy America? In my opinion, the dollar has already been destroyed. $4 gas, $8 wages, we are already a third world country. I see suicides everyday out here, to millions of ‘little people’ the RV is their only hope, there is no other as all hope for any type of decent life is now gone, the country has been destroyed already, our infrastructure is a shambles, mfg.base gone .

So, nothing changes. The vast majority of the current population has been so dumbed down I see no real hope, the media totally controlled, Internet censorship right around the corner, really VK, what hope do we really have at this point? The wealth disparity has gotten to the point that there will NEVER be any real hope for the vast majority of our countries citizens, the small percentage with all the wealth and power gets tighter every day, more and more control in the hands of a few, and all below them totally manipulated puppets.
Don’t want to be negative here, just realistic.
In my eye, things look bleak, very bleak indeed.
I see nothing but disaster ahead, disaster of such a magnitude it has never before been witnessed by mankind, just around the corner I’m thinking.
Too late to change things now, the damage has been done, nearly to completion.



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