16-3-2012 One of these days …

The wake up is approaching critical mass and starting to erupt in mainstream society.

When impeachment proceedings are launched against Obama and war criminals Bush and Cheney can’t travel outside the U.S.for fear of demonstrations and arrest, something big has shifted.

When top banksters are resigning at an increasing rate and Timothy Geithner
was supposedly detained again and is rumored to have fingered Bush Sr. and Bill Gates, something’s up.

If everybody’s screaming there’s gonna be a nuclear hit on the London
Olympics and it gets any kind of serious traction, they may just do it
somewhere else.

It’s rare we’ll ever know for sure, but when Killary
says they’re losing the info war, or Brzezinski says the global
awakening is a threat, something’s working, and well.

And we’ve come a long way since then.



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