06-04-2012 El Inferno Norteamericano !


F-18 jet crashes into apartments in Virginia next to elementary school

Witnesses say two apartment buildings near the crash site are on fire, and rescue workers are searching for potential casualties. Military police is also on site. Interstate 264 has been closed down. Thick black smoke can be seen rising from the scene.

Reports also suggest at least one apartment building has burnt down completely. Overall, at least 5 buildings and 20 apartment units have been affected by the fire.

Several people have also claimed the fighter jet was seen dumping fuel just before the crash, in order to avoid an explosion upon impact.

Do you really believe that there are no causalities in this crash?
Have you or are you able to ask why this killing machine was flying at low altitude over a civilian population when there is the ocean a wink away ?
Do you believe that no one died after Katrina all the govt public assistance was well distributed ?
That is great if you believe all of that.
Do you know that 1% of the American wealthiest control the lives of 99% of the population ?
Do you know that the American military is the biggest employer in the nation, the purpose is to extend the interest of the 1% both economically, financially and politically globally ?
Do you know what is labeled "America military industrial complex" whose purpose is "full spectrum dominance" ?
If you decide to find out you may end up like Bradley Manning. He was an army man who is charged because he told the TRUTH.
So, keep on: left, right, left, without thinking too much.



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