5-6-2012 Proposal .


What we need is a co-op system where every citizen of a nation owns an equal share of one central bank.
So if one person profits, everyone else does.

We must not allow the current banks and scam financial system to continue to ruin our economy and create poverty and pain.

Pay attention to this:If money were to be printed by the State Central Bank, and not by the private banking system, all loan interest payments would go directly to the State Central Bank vaults; the same would happen with the loan principal, when payed down. And if a foreclosure occurred, the mortgaged property would go directly to the State, for possible redistribution.

Having said that, anyone can conclude that citizens would never need to worry about payments of taxes, because there would be enough money in the State vaults to pay for State infra-structure projects, etc. etc….

José Novais

June 05, 2012, 12:29



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