4-6-2012 Gold and Guns ?

Hurray !
I´m not the only one to say it

Dunno about you, but I prefer firearms for protection during the coming collapse. And, yes, since a workman is worthy of his hire, one is expected to pay in labor for someone to develop suitable arms… AND, I don’t particularly give a rat’s ass who made them, so long as they are suitable for the purpose.
No, one can’t EAT firearms, but they can sure as hell keep someone from eating ME, at least until I no longer can feel it and care
And – IF recovery comes before death, a little Gold will help one survive further…
I guess then I am in the "truth" movement, and friend, the ABOVE is TRUTH…. Lead on…
: People in the TRUTH MOVEMENT are being led astray – being
: urged to buy GOLD and FIREARMS




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