13-6-2012 On the road to WWIII .

It almost sounds like a "Twilight Zone Movie" playing out but…Vladimir Putin is now drawing a line in the sand. He knows that Syria, Lebanon and Iran are stepping stones to an attack on Russia. He will not standby as did Stalin just before WWII at the request of FDR when Russia took a devastating first strike. Putin will not allow this to happen again on his watch-!

The moment the West so much as lights a birthday candle in Iran, Putin together with China and Iran will launch a preemptive attack on the West.

He has parked 100,000 brand new tanks and other armored vehicles on Europe’s borders. He has called up 70,000 Reserve Officers to Active Duty.

His plan is to Blitzkrieg across Europe, Alaska and parts of Western Canada.

The Lower 48 will be left to the pleasure of China together with Islamic Special Forces already entrenched inside North America.

The hubris of the Western Psychopathic Elite is most assuredly leading us into WWIII. What a dichotomous scenario-!!

At this point in history Vladimir Putin may just be our best hope !!



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