28-6-2012 Nano-threat to humanity ???

Too ominous to be true ?

With the mass death of children in India now being linked to nanoparticles, however, the United States this past week reversed course in what is described as an “unusual departure from its usual innocent-until-proven-guilty approach in regulating consumer goods” when the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a new statement saying that such tiny technology needs more safety testing before it’s used in consumer goods.

More ominous than this FDA warning, perhaps, is that within days of the mass deaths of these Indian children the Obama regime, on 19 June, awarded contracts for the creation of three new centers tasked with responding to the threat of future pandemics and biological attacks that are to be based in Maryland, North Carolina and Texas.

And going from the merely ominous to the downright scary, within weeks of the 2012 Davos Summit (called the world’s most exclusive gathering) President Obama issued a new Executive Order titled National Defense Resources Preparedness on 16 March that states during times of disaster and/or catastrophe the United States will be ruled a new entity called The Defense Production Act Committee (Sec. 701) which is to be headed by The Secretary of State, who at this time is Hillary Clinton.

To fully understand the significance between Obama’s issuing of this Executive Order and the Davos Summit one has to remember that the Davos World Economic Forum in its 2008 annual report indentified nanotechnology as a “Core Risk” that had the potential to destroy human life on an unimaginable scale.

The fears voiced by Davos were realized this past week when research carried out at North Carolina State University showed that gold nanoparticles are capable of unraveling DNA.

The danger posed to our world by scientists playing God, and supported by governments, is beyond comprehension, and in a History Channel broadcast about a futuristic doomsday scenario it stated: “In a common practice, billions of nanobots are released to clean up an oil spill off the coast of Louisiana. However, due to a programming error, the nanobots devour all carbon based objects, instead of just the hydrocarbons of the oil. The nanobots destroy everything, all the while, replicating themselves. Within days, the planet is turned to dust.”

June 28, 2012



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