23-10-2012 ¡ Ocurrió lo peor que se esperaba !

¡ Se esperaba hace tiempo !
¡ Ahora ha ocurrido !

Fukushima Spent Fuel Pools Exploded, On Fire Now, Radiation Levels Spiking Massively
Monday, October 22, 2012 11:37

( Source A1 – Japan )

This is the worst-case scenario unfolding at Fukushima.
According to Michael Eckstein, a researcher who lives only 50 miles from Fukushima, explosions and fires have occurred at spent fuel pools two and four over the past four days and now radiation levels are spiking enormously.
THIS IS THE WORST-CASE SCENARIO BECAUSE OF THE THOUSANDS OF TONS OF PLUTONIUM CONTAINED IN THESE SPENT FUEL POOLS. This is now vapourizing into the atmosphere and being disseminated with the winds. Major cloud and radiation spike estimated to hit west coast of USA in two weeks or less.


“The Govt is willing to pay $5000 for 15min work,,,but no one has come forward. i can see the steam coming over the mountain here as im writing. I’m going to do a Live interview with CNN at 3pm my time, its 11:38am right now Monday morning. You should see it when you wake up. I am going to tell the truth like before. I want to give you the chance we and our children never got.

Nota : el Reactor Nùmero 4 de Fukushima ha explotado y disemina la radiactividad del plutonio que había en él .
Esto afectará todo el hemisferio norte.
La noticia no se dará a conocer pública ni oficialmente pues desataría un pánico a nivel mundial que no ayudaría en nada.
Demos gracias a Diso de estar viviendo en América del Sur.




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