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¡ Bravo Nigeria !

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Nigeria impondrá penas de 14 años de cárcel a los homosexuales

Publicado: 30 may 2013 | 22:50 GMT

Nigeria ha aprobado la ley que penaliza con hasta 14 años en cárcel a aquellos que tengan relaciones homosexuales.

Una condena de hasta 10 años se otorgará a quienes conozcan a tales personas y no las denuncien ante la Policía.

También habrá largas penas de cárcel por abrir clubs para homosexuales u ostentar pasión por el mismo sexo.

Tanto Estados Unidos y como la Unión Europea ya han advertido que si el presidente firma ese documento para que se convierta en ley, las relaciones con el país africano se verán perjudicadas.

Gods justice.

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Re Oklahoma

God is punishing the United States ? Why ?

So While Air Quality Warnings Were Up, Tornadoes Struck Near The Same Smoke Path

Bad enough that air quality alerts were already up for parts of Texas and subsequently Louisiana, but to make matters worse the horrible tornadoes hung out until they finally came down and devastated the place. The U.S. is under some real bad attacks when you think of all the devastation done by Hurricane Sandy, then while we’re under air quality warnings part of the area near the wildfire smoke-haze path becomes what looks like a blast zone.

More Katrina style stuff is hitting faster than folks can recover. Ever get the feeling that someone is picking on Americans? These poor victims in Oklahoma appear to be very ragged and beaten up from this storm. What next!?

Note : its not a feeling. Its a sad reality.

And if the USA does not repent and heal what for more than a century has woonded we will see much more of this type of punishment.

Mega Earthquakes in the west ?

Estados Unidos en Guatemala

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